Getting Here

5224 Highway 518
Vadito, NM 87579

Directions From Taos

Estimated Travel Time: Less than 40 minutes
* Take Hwy 68 South.
* Make a left on Hwy 518.
* Follow Hwy 518 for 20 miles.

Directions From Albuquerque:
Estimated Travel Time: Around 2.5 hours
* Take I-25 North to exit 276.
* Turn left ont NM-599 North/Veteran's Memorial Hwy toward Santa Fe/Relief Route.
* Merge onto US_285 N/US-84 N via the ramp to Espanola.
* Turn right at Cundiyo Rd/NM-503.
* Note: from this point on, follow the brown HIGH ROAD TO TAOS signs.
* Turn left at Juan Medina Rd (CR-98).
* Just past Chimayo, turn right onto NM-76.
* Turn left to stay on NM-76.
* Turn right at NM-75 E.
* Near Penasco, turn left to stay on NM-75 E.
* After Vadito, merge right at NM-518 S.
* Sipapu is 5 miles from this intersection, on the right.

Directions From Santa Rosa (I-40 East)
Estimated Travel Time: Less than 3 hours
* About 17 miles past Santa Rosa, take exit 256 for US-84 N toward Las Vegas.
* Turn right at US-84 N.
* Turn right to merge onto I-25 N.
* Take exit 343 toward NM-283/I-25 BUS/NM-329/Las Vegas.
* Turn left at NM-518 N/US-85-N.
* Turn left at 7th St/NM-518 N.
* Sipapu is approximately 54 miles from this intersection, on the left.