Getting Ready for Poma

Our team continues to make outstanding progress with the tree clearing project as we prepare to build our new lift. At this point, over 90% of the stumps have been removed, and we've got several slash piles on the ground, ready for skidding. Our goal is to have the cooridor for the new lift ready for Poma's next visit, which will happen next week. Poma will do their final survey during this time. On their following visit after next week, Poma and their team will begin building our new lift. We're excited and eager for this next phase.

Making progress. This June 10, 2015 photo shows the work that's been done to date on the new lift line trail (pictured right).

We refer to this project as our "pick up sticks" work because that's what we're spending a lot of time doing: picking up downed trees, limbs, debris, and rocks. But while this "pick up sticks" project is a big one for us, it's part of what we do around here. Our founder, Lloyd Bolander, was a big believer in keeping his trails as debris-free as possible. Legend has it, he wanted to be able to ski his mountain on a heavy frost, so his philosphy was to keep Sipapu's trails pristine. We're following his footsteps (or ski tracks, however you want to look at it) because, like him, we want to be able to ski and snowboard on a heavy frost, too.

Certified straw for silt fencing and revegetation projects during the lift construction. You're looking at 664 bales here, and we'll need two more of these deliveries before the summer is over.

Sipapu's disc golf course is still in full swing (and we are preparing for the upcoming Summer Slam tournament on July 11). As a reminder, here are the tee pads that are currently closed, due to the lift construction project:

Recreation Pad #1
Pro and Advanced Pads #2
Advanced and Recreation Pads #5

These pads will be closed indefinitely as we complete the lift construction, but all baskets and the remaining pads are open and ready to play!