Disc Golf Returns to Sipapu

discgolfadventures1The disc golf baskets are in at Sipapu, and we have had already many people playing our course (which was named one of the most scenic courses in the country). For those of you who have visited us before, here are a few changes you'll notice when you check out the course:

* All baskets are in with the exception of #7 (where we are doing additional grading work). Once you complete basket #6, please proceed directly to #8.

* All tee pads are installed with the exception of pads #1 Recreation, #2 Advanced, #5 Advanced and #8 Advanced. We removed these pads last year while we were building our new lift, and we will be doing additional re-vegitation work in these areas over the upcoming months. All of these baskets, however, are open.

Sipapu's disc golf course is FREE for everyone. This popular alpine course includes river crossings, challenging mountain terrain and beautiful wildflower meadows. You can rent a disc in our general store and try a basket or two - or all 20! Click here for more information.

Our mountain is also the proud host to several disc golf events, including:

Weekly disc golf doubles
Date: Every Thursday now through October 6
Time: 5:00-7:00
Cost: $5
This weekly event is popular with both locals and visitors to our area. Enjoy a dinner at the Riverside Cafe after your round!

Rio Pueblo Open
Date: June 25-26, 2016
This annual tournament sold out in approximately 37 minutes! One of the reasons it is so popular is that it includes rounds in three distinctly unique disc golf courses all located just a few minutes from our resort, including Two Gray Hares, Picuris Pueblo and Sipapu. Limited lodging is still available - call 800-587-2240 for details.

Sipapu Summer Slam
Date: July 16-17, 2016
This is a PDGA C-tier event and, like the Rio Pueblo Open, sold out very quickly! Limited lodging is available - call 800-587-2240. Guaranteed $500 Skins match for top 4 pro scores and top advanced score!

New Mexico State Doubles Disc Golf Tournament
Date: September 17-18, 2016
Cost: TBD
Registration has not yet opened for this annual state classic, but we expect it to sell out. Check out the tournament director's website to learn when registration opens, and book your lodging at 800-587-2240.

See you out there!

Photos courtesy of Disc Golf Adventures

A Parent's Take on the Payment Plan

By Stacey Glaser, Marketing Director

First of all, on behalf of the entire family at Sipapu Ski and Summer Resort, I want to thank everyone for making the 2015-2016 season a success. I feel like we say this year after year, but it's always worth repeating: you, our guests, make everything we do so rewarding and fun. We are so grateful that you come to our resort, that you bring your familes and friends, that you share your winter days and nights with us. Thank you!

This is one of my favorite pictures from last winter! To see a few of our favorite guest-submitted pictures from the 2015-2016 season, click here.

And while our last day of operations happened on April 10 (we were the last to close in New Mexcio!), we are still talking about winter - especially with our season pass sale. The 2016-2017 season passes are available for purchase now through April 29, and this is the guaranteed lowest prices of the season. There will never be a better, less expensive time to purchase your season pass than right now.

glaserskiingOur season pass continues to be the best value around, and we've really upped the ante by offering New Mexico's first and only season pass payment plan. We've received a lot of fantastic feedback and questions about this new feature, and I thought I'd take a moment to give you a parent's take on our payment plan. I'm a mom of two little rippers, and I couldn't be more excited and proud to introduce this new feature. Here are a few reasons why:

The Payment Plan Makes the Season Pass Purchase More Affordable. If you're anything like me, spring means saving or shelling out money for spring sports and summer activities, and a season pass purchase for a family of four can be a big expense this time of year. Our new payment plan divides your payment into equal monthly installments. As a parent, I appreciate paying a fraction of my pass price over time as oppososed to all at once.

TIP: All payment plans are charged on the 30th of each month and are paid in full by November 30, 2016. So, if you purchase your pass now, you're looking at eight payments. If you wait until August to purchase your pass, that means four payments. If smaller expenses fit the family budget better, opt for getting the payment plan sooner rather than later!

The Payment Plan Makes Paying a No-Brainer. At any given moment, I'm desperately trying to recall how to add fractions so I can help my daughter with her homework while planning a play date, confirming a work meeting, volunteering to bring snacks to the soccer game and mentally beginning a grocery list. Parents are quintessential mullti-taskers, and we like - no, wholeheartedly embrace - anything that can be done without a ton of brainpower. Good news: the payment plan is an automatic payment. After making your first payment, you don't have to think about it again - we'll take care of it for you.

The Payment Plan Doesn't Cost You Anything. This is a 0% interest payment plan. So, unlike your mortgage or car payment, you are not charged for making payments over time. There are absolutely no hidden fees, either. Whether you pay for the pass in full today or pay for it over the next several months, you pay the exact same amount.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 10.07.32 AMThe Payment Plan Gives You Summer Access. Two of our season passes offer summer benefits: the Power Pass gives you access to 5 of Purgatory's summer actvities everyday, unlimited scenic chairlift rides at Snowbowl (which will be offered daily this year!) and unlimited mountain bike uplift services at Pajarito (the 2016 summer schedule has just been published!) The New Mexico Pass PLUS offers 50% off mountain bike uplifts at Pajarito. <And, by the way, Sipapu offers FREE casting clinics all summer long - no pass required!> Even if you select the payment plan, you still get access to those summer benefits while you're paying off your pass!

TIP: If you purchase the Power Pass (or find yourself in Durango), be sure to check out Purgatory's alpine slide. This is a family favorite!

Sipapu's founder, Lloyd Bolander, was committed to making skiing affordable for families when he opened his slopes back in 1952. At Sipapu, we've continued that tradition over the years, and while our family of resorts has grown significantly (Sipapu, Pajarito, Purgatory and Arizona Snowbowl make up the largest collective in the Southwest), our commitment to making skiing affordable for everyone remains unchanged. The new payment plan is just another example of that commitment!

If you're still trying to determine which pass is for you (we offer several!), be sure to check out our Buyer's Guide to Season Passes.

Also, be sure to take a look at the mountain upgrades happening across our family of resorts this summer! Our company is investing another whopping $10 million into mountain improvements - including a renovated Day Room at Sipapu (demolition on this project begins within the next couple of weeks!)

To purchase your 2016-2017 season pass, click here.

If you have any questions about the payment plan, season passes or anything else, contact us [email protected].

New Mexico's Closing Weekend!

The 2015-2016 ski season comes to an end on Sunday, and we couldn't be more proud to once again be the last resort to close in New Mexico. I've been on the hill today, checking out the terrain, and I'm pleased to report that we will run Lift #1, which will provide top-to-bottom skiing and snowboarding. Here are the trails we expect to open:

Rufous (Upper and Lower)
Loose Caboose
First and Second Pitches of Gamble
The Final Pitch of Don Diego

We'll run our main lift only, so beginner terrain will be at a minimum. No terrain park features for this closing weekend, although we expect to have a ton of fun out there.

Be sure to ask for a Car Load Day deal at the ticket window: everyone in one car (limit: 6) skis for $50!

Sipapu has enjoyed yet another successful winter, and I can't help but think of the staff, supporters, passholders and guests that helped us get there. Thank you. We couldn't do it without you! We hope you enjoy one more weekend of skiing in New Mexico - our lift is the only one running, and it will be open from 9:30-4:00 this Saturday and Sunday.

A Buyer's Guide to Season Passes

By Stacey Glaser, Marketing Director

Sipapu's 2016-2017 season passes are on sale now, and we are unveiling the most impressive season pass lineup yet! Plus, we're rolling out some very big improvements - both to our passes and our resorts, including:

Payment plan: every pass now includes the payment plan option! The only season pass payment plan in New Mexico, this option offers 0% financing and easy automatic payments! Learn more.

Another $10 million capital campaign: while season pass prices are the same as last year, Sipapu will be a part of another $10 million mountain capital campaign (for a total of $20 million since 2015!) Click here to learn about the improvements coming to Sipapu, Pajarito, Purgatory and Arizona Snowbowl.

Use this guide to help you select which pass is right for you, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

powericonThe Power Pass
The Power Pass is ideal for those who want the most ski days and the biggest perks.

Power Pass Highlights:

Unlimited skiing at Sipapu, Purgatory, Pajarito and Arizona Snowbowl. No blackout dates!

There are a lot of different age categories on this pass, which means there are a lot of options for a discount. For example: long gone are the days that you turned 18 or graduated from school and were stuck with an adult pass price (while working your way in an entry-level job). There’s now a discounted pass for young adults ages 18-29, and another one for ages 30-36! Learn more.

This is the only pass that will give you year-round benefits, including daily access to Purgatory’s summer attractions, unlimited lift-served access at Pajarito’s mountain bike park and unlimited scenic chairlift rides at Arizona Snowbowl.

You’ll get an additional three bonus days at EACH of our preimier partner ski areas: Copper Mountain. Monarch Mountain. Loveland Ski Area, Skirama (in the Italian Alps!) and a lot more. Click here for the full list.


nmpassplusiconNew Mexico Pass PLUS
The New Mexico Pass PLUS provides unlimited skiing at Sipapu and Pajarito plus FREE bonus days at partner resorts, including Purgatory.

New Mexico Pass PLUS Highlights:

Get unlimited access to the state’s longest season, best fall line and favorite bump runs all on a single pass.

The New Mexico Pass PLUS includes its own set of partner ski areas, including Monarch Mountain, Grand Targhee, Ski Cooper, Sunlight and more. See the full list.

Enjoy 3 FREE days of skiing at Purgatory (available everyday!) plus unlimited (blackout dates apply) $50 lift tickets thereafter.

The New Mexico Pass PLUS also includes 50% off Pajarito's bike & hike access!


newmexicopassiconNew Mexico Pass
The New Mexico Pass is identical to the New Mexico Pass PLUS except you do not receive the 3 FREE days at Purgatory - although unlimited (blackout dates apply) $50 lift tickets are still available. The 50% off Pajarito bike & hike access is not available on this pass, either.

New Mexico Pass Highlights:
If you’re looking for unlimited access to our New Mexico ski areas and don’t plan to ski at Purgatory this winter (or mountain bike at Pajarito during the summer), this is the pass for you.


valuepassiconSipapu Value Pass
Sipapu offers a variety of value passes, including family passes and Sunday only! This is the pass to purchase if you’re interested in skiing Sipapu only and do not mind added blackout dates.

Sipapu Value Pass Highlights:

The most affordable season pass option!

Blackout dates are as follows: Dec 19-23, 2016; Dec 26-31, 2016; Jan 14-15, 2017; Feb 18-19, 2017; Mar 12-15, 2017.

Sunday passes are available every Sunday – no blackouts!

The family passes are available for families, all living in the same house and supported by the same income.