Fresh Snow and Freestyle Events

Last night was a very productive night of snowmaking. To make good snow, we need the right combination of variables and we had just that last night: cold temperatures (the low was 9 degrees!) and dry air. We’re focusing our snowmaking efforts under Lift 1, and we're hopeful to have Lower Gamble open this weekend. Because we’re working under the lift, we need low gun angles to blow under the lift line. Temperatures are projected to remain cold and we may continue to make snow tonight and tomorrow evening.

The winter mountain crew has been busy! We completed the move of Don Diego Terrain Park to Badgers Burrough to rave reviews. We currently have eight features, including a fan favorite: the Disco Dance Floor (a flat board framed in metal), plus 2 flat rails, 1 round down rail, a small box and 2 rollers. On January 13, we’re hosting the USASA Southwest Freeride Series Rail Jam we’ve dubbed Marshall’s Madness in the park. And on January 21, competitors will be back in the park for the Don Diego Slopestyle Competition. And you don't have to be a member of the USASA to show off your freestyle skills at our King of the Hill Terrain Park Competition on January 20th.

I’ve really enjoyed saying hello to some of you on the mountain and at the resort this holiday season. Yesterday, I spent a few hours skiing with my three year old daughter and a friend of hers. She wore a leash for half a day while she got back into the rhythm and is now power-wedging her way down the mountain. We did laps on Badgers while she was focusing on making turns to earn a highly coveted gummy bear on the lift ride back to the top.

When you're not on the slopes, do your snow dance! Snow is in the forecast for this Saturday. And Happy New Year!