February 15 Powder Day Photos

We picked up 10" overnight and more snow is on the way today! Plus, four new intermediate trails opened as a result of the new snow: Salt Lick, Beep Beep, Howdy, and Downfall! See our snow report for more details. Here are some of our favorite photos of the mountain covered in snow today!

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IMG 3949.JPG

IMG 3933.JPG

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Photo by @tmtmorin

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Photo by Mistie Garland Moon

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Photo by Carrie Hillabrant

Starting Saturday, explore our colossal handmade snow castle, plus log quality family time on the slopes. Santa Fe Brewing hosts a mountain-wide scavenger hunt in search of SFB cans stuffed with prizes. Aprés ski, enjoy beer specials at Riverside Cafe. See All President's Weekend events here.

February Means Fun Fest


Our annual President’s Day Weekend celebration, February Fun Fest, is February 17-19, and we know you and your family will enjoy the FREE festivities.

Parents and kids explore last year’s snow castle.


Sipapu's Snow Castle
Without a doubt, the highlight of the weekend is the colossal snow castle, hand built by our winter mountain crew. This colossal structure is a feat in ice and snow architecture, complete with slides, stairs, flags and heaps of nooks and crannies for kids and adults to explore. Each year the castle is different—last year’s castle was 2 stories tall with 5 slides, 4 rooms and more steps than we could count!


Our castle crew is already hard at working building this year’s castle, which will open Saturday, February 17 at 9 a.m., kicking off President's Day Weekend at Sipapu.

Parents and kids explore last year’s snow castle.

There are many stages to building the snow castle. The first is an enormous pile of snow.


Mountain-Wide Treasure Hunt
Our treasure hunt will have you searching the mountain—including the snow castleto find laminated letters that spell CLOWN. If you’re a true sleuth and find them all, you can bring them to ski school in exchange for awesome prizes.


To find out more, visit the February Fun Fest event page. Follow us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter for snow castle updates. We’ll see you on the mountain—or in the snow castle—President's Day Weekend!

Lizi the Super Sipapu Search & Rescue Dog


Guests at Sipapu seem to have an extra big smile on their faces lately. And it's not just the super fun time on the slopes. It's the latest addition to Sipapu's friendly staff: Lizi the snow-loving, snowmobile-riding, super-trained search and rescue dog.


Lizi is a nine year old female border collie whoused to do search and rescue in Yosemite National Park. She retains an Area 1 Search Certification through NASAR, the National Association for Search and Rescue. Lizi can search for an individual who is injured, and at the end of the day for someone who is missing and needs to be found.


While working, she frequently rides a snowmobile around the mountain with her handler, Holly Baits, a Patroller at Sipapu. When Lizi finds the injured or missing person, she ping pongs back and forth between the person and Holly until everyone is safely together. Amazingly, Lizi can repel from chair lifts and even from helicopters in backcountry search and rescue situations.


Lizi performs a weekly training routine, and has a favorite toy—a fire hose bumper that she gets exclusively during search and rescue efforts. When Lizi is with a Patroller, feel free to approach her. You are welcome to talk to her and pet her. Lizi is very friendly, and we are very happy and fortunate to have her as part of our Ski Patrol team.


Hitting the Slopes with the Kids

Skiing and riding together as a family is one of the greatest and most memorable experiences a powder-loving parent can have. And with Kids Ski FREE Week just around the corner (January 16-21), we'd like to share some tips for making your family day on the slopes successful.

More Snacks Mean Less Tears.
Kids need regular calorie intakes—especially when they are active. Whether they’re shivering, sweating, cruising through the bump runs or waiting for mom to catch up, they’re burning calories, and quickly. Load their pockets (and yours) with snacks packed with protein, like nuts, cheese and granola bars. The Brave Ski Mom has some great snack ideas. Sipapu’s Riverside Cafe offers a great menu selection, including most kids' preferred drink of choice: hot chocolate, extra whipped cream.

Learn to Layer.
Check Sipapu’s weather station before heading out. Even when you think you're prepared, It never hurts to toss an extra layer in the trunk because temperatures and conditions can really vary within a day. Here’s a good layering guide, and keep in mind that your kiddos really don’t need the most expensive gear out there. Base layers are the most important and are widely availablejust avoid 100% cotton! Layering correctly is important, and it really doesn’t have to be expensive.

Get Boots On Early.
If you’re less than an hour from the mountain, get your kids in their ski boots well before you get to the ski area. It’s a universal truth that kids’ ski boots take a quick 2 minutes to get on at your home or hotel room, but 20 frustrating minutes when you’re in the ski area parking lot. Be sure to have some really cozy, comfortable shoes in the car to wear after the ski day is over, too.

Never Stop Learning. 
The big goal should be developing lifelong skiers and snowboarders. Professional ski school instructors teach kids foundational skills that will improve their abilities and create good habits that they can apply and enjoy the rest of their lives. And frankly, kids often learn best when they’re receiving direction from someone other than a parent. Check out Sipapu’s Ski School programs here, and remember: if you or anyone else in your family has never tried skiing, Sipapu offers FREE Lessons for First Timers ages 7 and older.

Skiing is Fun.
Above all else, have fun. Some of your very best childhood memories may be of skiing, laughing, and having fun with your parents and siblings. Hitting the slopes with your kids allows you to create similar memories your own kids. We sure hope to see you and your family on the mountain for Kids Ski FREE Week.