Bavarian Weekend BMW Motorcycle Rally

Hosted by the Land of Enchantment BMW Riders, this rally is considered one of the finest BMW motorcycle rallies in the West.

Registration for our rally is required. A wristband will be issued to all rally attendees and visitors, so please check in at the registration tables near the gas pumps adjacent to the lodge.

Your rally fee will entitle you to the famous Friday night chili snack and a Saturday evening meal. Free coffee, tea and hot chocolate are always available.

At the registration tables you will find state maps and day-ride destinations. Roads in the area tend to be very well maintained and often very exciting. Please make your visit to northern New Mexico a safe one by always riding within the limits of your skills. Go in any direction from  Sipapu and you will have an enjoyable motorcycling experience.

Bring your checkbook, bank card or cash because there are always good deals on BMW motorcycle related items at our rally. Need a helmet or riding boots? We doubt you will find a better deal anywhere. We urge you to check out the vendor displays under the big tent.

Other traditional rally attractions for the Bavarian Mountain Weekend are: loads of door prizes, Not Your Usual rally awards and live band and dancing Saturday night. Yes, there are lots of reasons for attending, but perhaps the best reason of all is the people. Begin planning for a great weekend with your kind of people - BMW motorcyclists!

For complete details visit to check out The Land of Enchantment BMW Riders.

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