Season Passes are Now On Sale


By Stacey Glaser, Marketing Director

John Paul turned over the keys to his blog so I could update you all on our season pass sale. But, first and foremost, on behalf of our entire team at Sipapu Ski and Summer Resort, I want to personally thank everyone for giving us the most successful season in our resort's history. During the 2014-2015 winter, we saw more skiers, snowboarders, families and friends than we ever have before, and we are grateful to you all for being a part of it. Thank you.

This winter was busy - and not just because we had more guests riding our lifts. As you may know, over the last several months James Coleman, Sipapu's managing partner, and his ski resort management team began overseeing operations at Pajarito Mountain Ski Area while acquiring Durango Mountain Resort (once the deal was complete, Coleman promptly changed the ski area's name back to its original title, Purgatory). The team is also in the process of acquiring Arizona Snowbowl.

With this change and the addition of new sister resorts, we have significantly expanded our season pass products, and they are now on sale through May 15. Here are a few ways our products have changed - and why it's good to snag one now:

New Products
This year, we introduced the Power Pass, and this is truly the most powerful pass in the Southwest. Power Pass guests can enjoy unlimited access to all four resorts: Sipapu, Pajarito, Purgatory and Arizona Snowbowl (which include over 13,000 acres, 26 lifts, more than 200 trails and 13 terrain parks). The Power Pass also includes its own set of unique perks, including 3 FREE days at Taos Ski Valley, Loveland, Powder Mountain and more. To see the full list of Power Pass benefits, click here.

p.s. The season pass products we offered last year - the New Mexico Power Pass PLUS, the New Mexico Power Pass, the Value Pass, Sipapu's popular family passes - are still available, too.

New Age Categories
With the introduction of the Power Pass came some slightly different age categories. These new changes apply to the Power Pass only (and not the New Mexico Power Pass products or any of Sipapu's other season passes). We've fielded a few questions about these changes - here are the biggest age category shifts over last year:

Young Adults (ages 18-29)
If you were born in 1986 or earlier, you have reason to rejoice: the Power Pass discounted student price has been extended to age 29. If you're over age 29 and enrolled in a minimum of 9 undergraduate credit hours, you still qualify for this discounted price, too.

Parents of Teens (ages 13-17) or Kids (ages 7-12)
If you purchase a Power Pass (again, not a *New Mexico* Power Pass) for yourself and your child, and if your child is between the ages of 7-17, your child receives (and you score!) a less expensive pass.

Here's Why You Should Buy Your Pass Now:

You Will Save Money
Now through May 15 is the best time to get the lowest available price on these products. Let me repeat: these season passes will never be lower than these prices, right now.

You Will Enjoy New Summer Benefits
The Power Pass includes amazing summer benefits, including the Total Adventure Ticket (which gives each passholder daily access to up to five of Purg's plethora of summer activities, including the alpine slide, the zipline, a ropes course, scenic chairlift rides and a lot more). This benefit is only available if you purchase your Power Pass by May 15. Again, this is an exclusive to the Power Pass - not the New Mexico Power Pass products.

Also, with every Power Pass purchase, you receive scenic chairlift rides at Arizona Snowbowl (where the views are absolutely stunning), and every Power Pass, New Mexico Power Pass PLUS and New Mexico Power Pass includes a $5 discount off Pajarito's summer chairlift rides, too.

It Really Is the Best Pass in the Southwest
There is no other season pass that can offer unlimited skiing and snowboarding in New Mexico, Colorado and Arizona, and there is no other pass that offers the incredible perks available only on the Power Pass and the New Mexico Power Passes. While your skis and boards may be entering hibernation mode, there has never been a better time than this to guarantee an epic winter with a season pass.

Got a question about our new season pass products? Feel free to leave it here, or click here to purchase your season pass today!

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Never Summer Park Feature!

March is one of the best times to ski or snowboard. It's a festive time at our resort, with Spring Break in full swing and our extended lift hours (our lifts turn from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. through this Sunday - after that, we switch to 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. for the remainder of the season. Click here for details about our operating schedule), plus some of our best events, including last weekend's Cardboard Derby (click here for photos), last Sunday's Never Summer snowboard demo and this Saturday's Pond Skimming Contest, too. Click here for our complete calendar of events.

Speaking of Never Summer, they just delivered a sweet feature for our Don Diego terrain park. We removed the 40-foot jump and put the new bench in its place. Many of our guests have been talking about how they love features that offer a lot of options, and this one provides four ways to ride on it - all of them designed for anyone, be it beginners to those who are more advanced. To learn more about it, check out the video below:

Never Summer Signature Feature Build from Never Summer Industries on Vimeo.

With spring skiing in full swing, temperatures are warm (in the 50s), although the snow pack is hanging in there. We plan to continue operating Lift #4 and Lift #3 (in addition to Lift #1 and our magic carpets) all of next week, although we expect to open Lift #3 in the morning and Lift #4 in the afternoon. We made this decision as a direct result of what our guests were telling us: they have been enjoying the snow on Lift #4 in the afternoons, so we're swapping our schedule a bit to accommodate that.

We'll begin building the pond for our annual Pond Skimming Contest on Friday night, and the *free* event begins on Saturday at 1 p.m.


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The Castle is Open

The weather has been warm this week at Sipapu, although I'm excited to see a change in the weather pattern starting this weekend. We'll have a good shot of getting snow this Saturday, Sunday and Monday - and by the looks of the Sipapu weather station (click here to see it), we could get several inches out of it. We'll keep an eye on things and keep you posted on how it develops.

In addition to the upcoming snow, this weekend will be pretty special at Sipapu: Saturday marks the 2nd Annual Lloyd Bolander Day. Lloyd Bolander was Sipapu's founder, visionary and leader, and he passed away January 2014. While we miss his presence, we are so grateful that he, together with his wife, Olive, had the vision to start this small ski area in our canyon. The Bolander family started a fund to support area school children to learn to ski - something Lloyd was absolutely passionate about - and a percentage of all lift ticket sales on Saturday will directly benefit this fund. We hope you can make it and take a few runs in Lloyd's honor. On Sunday, we're also hosting the Pine Cup Ski Race - and I'm confident Lloyd would have loved that, too.

LloydBolanderDay 2015

Last Saturday, we opened our legenday snow castle and, as always, it was a magnent for kids (and, quite frankly, a few grown-ups, too). At two stories tall, this castle is really big and provides plenty of places for kids to play, with its steps, tunnels and slides. Thanks to the popular Disney movie, Frozen, we saw quite a few Elsas running around on Saturday! We'll keep this castle up for at least a couple more weeks - we typically take it down in early March, when we use the castle snow for our base area.

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 4.21.22 PM
This picture gives you an idea of how big our snow castle is - it's around two stories tall!

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Our Parks are Growing!

Last weekend, Sipapu picked up 6" of snow, and it looked very white around here on Friday and Saturday. As always, we are grateful for the snowfall and continue to have all 41 trails open.

The view of Lift 1 on Saturday, January 31.

We really used those 6" of natural snowfall in our organic terrain parks (to learn more about these parks, click here), and by this weekend, we expect to open three new medium-sized jumps in Flight School and an additional feature in Playground. Playground's feature is a wall of snow that will be about a four-foot tall spine, and it will alllow skiers and riders to land on either side of it. We've been thinking about this feature for a while and are excited to unveil it this weekend.

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 12.41.35 PM
Sipapu's organic terrain parks are growing! Park staff will add new features on Playground and Flight School.

Don't miss this weekend's 2015 SkiBike Festival, sponsored by SkiBikeFun. We've been proud to be the festival's exclusive host for years, and we couldn't be more excited to bring multiple skibike manufacturers to our mountain on Saturday and Sunday. As with every year, we'll do a special moonlight skibike parade at 5 p.m. - it's the only time we'll run the lifts after hours, and we do it just for skibikers. The event organizers are also planning a fun poker run, which is new this year. Everything - the demos, the clinics, the parade, the poker run - is free! For details, click here.


Also, save the date for Sipapu's most popular family event, February Fun Fest, February 14-16, 2015. This is an annual tradition at our ski area, and we spend about a week building our famous snow castle. We'll start our "snow castle watch" on Saturday when we pile up the snow and begin building it. (You can "watch" our progress here or on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages all next week). The final castle will open next Saturday, February 14, and it typically stays up until the first few days of March. Be sure to arrive in costume on Saturday - it's another Fun Fest tradition! See you at Sipapu!

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 12.43.46 PM
Bluebird days at Sipapu!

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