Over a Foot of Snow

The snow started at 10 a.m. yesterday, and it never really quit until early this morning. The result: at 3 a.m. this morning, we cleared 13" off the snow stake.

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 6.16.21 AM
UPDATE: as of 6:15 this morning, Sipapu is reporting the most snowfall in the country! Courtesy of onthesnow.com

For the month of November, we've picked up 31" of snow - that's nearly 3 feet in 9 nine days. This makes for one of the snowiest Novembers in over a decade. (In case you were wondering: we saw 30.5" of snow November 2004. That year, we had 239 inches of snow for the season. We like the trend here.)


Like you, we're now looking at what will open next. Our ski patrollers and mountain staff are working overtime to keep up with this snow and track pack those areas that we cannot groom. While our entire mountain looks incredible today, it's essential we pack it down. Why? Creating a solid base of packed snow will ensure we're skiing that trail all season long. Like you, we are thrilled about this snowfall and we're eager to open more lifts and more terrain.

Interested in helping us open more runs? Here are two ways you can help out: if you're interested in being on our mountain crew for a day, help us track pack. You're literally sidestepping up the trail - it's a great workout and your skis get to hit that trail before anyone else's. Look for me if you're interested in helping out this way - I'd be happy to comp you a lift ticket in exchange. A second way you can help us out is by not jumping ropes and skiing closed runs.

We're gunning to open Lift 3 and possibly Lift 4 sometime this week. We've never opened every lift and every trail for the month of November. We'd like to say we did that in 2014.

Sipapu is open everyday this week from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and today is a powder day!

Have fun out there, everyone.


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Lift #1 Opens

Winter has finally arrived.

Since Monday, our snowmakers have been able to take advantage of the cold temperatures - not to mention last weekend's 18 inches of snow - to make a lot of snow on our mountain. We've groomed nearly every trail to create a 12"-18" base, and I'm excited to announce that we will have Lift #1 open, along with every blue and green run serviced by Lift #1 (see photo below). This is the most terrain we've ever opened in a November! Look at it live here on our web cam.

The pink highlights show what was open starting November 15. The yellow highlighted runs are what will be open starting Friday.

We received a lot of tremendous feedback surrounding our Opening Weekend Terrain Park, and we're very happy to offer this again. This park, which is located on Lower Thumper, includes five features - two lines, each with two features, plus an additional feature in the middle. There's a box, a rail, a barrel and a couple of jumps.

Sipapu will be open everyday for Thanksgiving Week - lifts will turn from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. from Friday, November 21, through Sunday, November 30. We'll open for daily operations on Friday, December 5. Lift tickets start at just $15.

We hope you spend your Thanksgiving with us! Snow is in the forecast again for this weekend!

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 12.17.27 PM
Here's what 18" of snow looked like on Sunday. Sipapu was the first ski area to open in New Mexico on November 15!

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Opening Weekend: Extended

New Mexico is open for the 2014-2015 ski and snowboard season!

Opening Weekend was fantastic.

Roughly 48 hours before we opened, we had just enough snow to open our two magic carpets, three trails and a terrain park. Given the unseasonably WARM fall we've had (and in light of many ski areas throughout our region delaying their opening days), we were pretty proud of this.

Then, the night before we opened, Mother Nature gave us a break and we opened on Saturday with 4" of new snow. This seemed like a promising start.

A few hours later, Mother Nature unleashed about another foot of snow (I'll be checking the snow stake later tonight to get the final total). This was even better.

Tonight, we're looking at the coldest temperatures yet - a low of 9 degrees, and it could get colder (when our mountain is covered in snow, it helps to bring the temperatures down. Plus, snow reflects the sunlight rather than absorbing it, which also helps cool things down). I fully anticipate we'll run our snowguns for at least 24 hours. When we log 24+ snowmaking hours, our snowmaking productivity soars.

Sipapu Lodge - November 16, 2014

I spent nearly every minute today grooming nearly every trail on our mountain. And I have to tell you: it looks amazing out there. The snow we received over the last 48 hours has been very nice, very heavy. That being said, we've made very little snow above our Practice Slope before tonight, and we are putting all of our efforts into taking advantage of tonight's cold tempratures to make snow on the top of our mountain. This means that while we will open again tomorrow, we'll operature our two magic carpets only.

It should be a different story when we re-open on Friday, November 21.

Thanks to everyone who came out this weekend and made our Opening Day and Opening Weekend so much fun. We're proud to be the first ski area open in New Mexico for the 12th year running!`Here's to a snowy season, everyone.

November 16, 2014

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2 Days to Go

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 11.35.17 AM
Our snowguns were still going strong at 10 a.m. this morning.

We're down to our final two days before our Opening Day, and I'm pleased to report that last night's snowmaking was excellent. We weren't sure what kind of temperatures to expect: at 4:00 yesterday afternoon, we were at a relatively balmy 41.3 degrees. By 7:00 last night - just three hours later - the temperatures dropped to 20.8 degrees. I have never seen that sort of temperature swing happen so quickly. Needless to say, we took advantage and started making snow. We were anticipating a low of 27 degrees last night, and it actually dipped all the way to 19 degrees. As a result, we made some really great snow throughout our base area.

We're still planning to have Lift #2 (our magic carpet that services the Practice Slope and surrounding terrain) open, and we will definitely have the magic carpet and ski school teaching area beginning Saturday. Our terrain park manager (Isa - who doubles as one of our veteran snowmakers) is finalizing our terrain park plan and will build it tomorrow. He's looking to have two lines, and each line will have two features with an additional feature in the middle. We'll have a couple of jumps, a flatbox rail, side wall and a barrel.

Snow is in the forecast for this weekend, although we're not expecting more than a couple of inches out of it. Then again, last night we expected 27 degrees and we got 19. We always hope for the forecast to work in our favor.

See you on Saturday!

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 11.32.35 AM

The pink, highlighted area shows the terrain we will have open this Saturday, November 15.

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