Opening Daily

Sipapu will be open everyday starting this Friday, and we expect to open 3 lifts (Lift #1 and both of our magic carpets) plus another beginner route. We've also completely rebuilt our terrain park, moving it further down Thumper. It will now be located on the skier's left hand side of the slope on the fall line, between Lift #1 towers 1 and 2. We'll have a long rail, a long box, a jump and a small rail. This will be much improved over what we offered beginning Opening Day.

What our trail network will look like starting this Friday. The trails marked in orange are what we opened on November 16. The trails marked in pink are what we've opened since then.

We were able to open Rufous for a few days last week, although we anticipate making snow on that run in the upcoming days, so we will not have that run open as of Friday. Depending on snowmaking and the snow we receive out of this next storm (we've heard reports of 4"-8" expected), we'll open this as quickly as we can. Snowmakers are currently wrapping up making snow on a section of our mountain we call Midway. Although this name doesn't appear on our trail map, it refers to Sassafras from where Rufous connects all the way around to just before the upper entrance of Paul's Folly.

Also, we're very close to having Howdy and Beep Beep ready to open. If you or anyone else would like to help us open more terrain and would like a free lift ticket, we're looking for folks to track pack the snow! Find me on the mountain this weekend if you are interested.

We'll see you on the mountain (everyday!) starting Friday!

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Opening the New Carpet

Great news: Rufous and the second pitch of Gamble will be open later today. We'll be watching it closely to make sure these trails are getting skied in and not skied out - if you see the ropes up on this trail, know that we're doing it to preserve the snow. Our goal here is to keep this trail in the best condition possible all season long. We're excited to be opening this new terrain.

Tomorrow, we will run the new magic carpet periodially as we do our final testing. Our plan is to open the new carpet everyday starting Thursday, plus have lower Thumper and lower Bambi ready to go by Thanksgiving, too.

The plan is to do a massive gun move tonight, where we'll be really targeting the lower part of our mountain. We're next working hard to get that beginner route open.

It's been nice seeing everyone out here for Thanksgiving week. Thanks for joining us - know that we're working as hard and fast as we possibly can to open more terrain soon.

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The First 24 Hour Shift

When Sipapu opened on Friday, we had gotten 5" of new snow, and we just received another 6" this morning. Thanks to that accumulation, we will open Butterfly today, which means we now have two lifts, three trails and one terrain park with two features open.

Storm total: 11" and more expected today and tonight

Another piece of good news: last night marked the first 24-hour snowmaking shift. To go 24 hours without shutting down our system is important for our snowmaking operations. When this happens, we can make not only a lot of snow, but we can make good, quality snow, and our snowmakers are committed to making the best snow possible. These 24 hour stretches are fantastic, and I'm pleased to report that the guns are still going this morning. I hope we can go another 24 hours without shutting down.

Lift 1 riders got a chance to see snowmaking on the Practice Slope.

We continue to keep the new magic carpet and the surrounding terrain a top priority, so we hope to open that next. We currently have nearly all of our guns positioned on the Practice Slope, although we expect to have a pretty massive gun move within the next 24-48 hours. Depending on weather and conditions, we may target either Rufous or around Midway next.

Sipapu opened it's smaller magic carpet on 11/23.

Sipapu is still the only ski area open in New Mexico, and we'll be open everyday through December 1. We hope to see you on the mountain!

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Storm's Coming

Sipapu re-opens tomorrow, and we'll be open everyday Thanksgiving week, from November 22 through Sunday, December 1. The snow is making its way to Sipapu, and the forecast is looking good:

Today's weather forecast, courtesy of the Sipapu weather station.

This week, we have been busy: busy making snow whenever we could, and especially busy with our new magic carpet. We are finalizing the installation now and have about half the snow we need to open this new lift. We'll see how much this storm system will bring to our resort - we hope to announce an opening date for this lift soon.

We've got several guns positioned on our Practice Slope
so we can open this trail - and this new lift! - ASAP!

Meanwhile, the snow we made this week went primarily to the hot spots on our mountain. We also made quite a bit of snow in the base area, and this Saturday we're planning to open our "old" magic carpet (we installed it in 2010, which hardly makes it "old," but it's how we've started distinguishing this one from the newest carpet, which replaces Lift #2).

Snow is covering the terrain to the skier's right of this lift.
This is in our teaching area, and this lift should open this Saturday.

While we wait for the snow to come (and we anticipate it will bring better temperatures to make snow), we will continue to keep our Opening Day trail count the same. Butterfly will be open next, and we'll be working hard to have more beginner terrain open by Thanksgiving week. No matter what, this will be another fun weekend and a fantastic week of skiing and snowboarding, and we hope to see you at Sipapu soon. We'll continue to keep you posted on mountain developments here.

The current route from the top of Lift #1 to the bottom

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