The Last Weekend

We've had several days of temperatures in the mid- to upper-60s, and while we're enjoying these warmer tempartures, it's been tough on the snow. We've been pushing it for several hours today, and here's how the mountain is shaping up for tomorrow:

We will have the first pitch of Gamble, Sassafrass to Loose Caboose, Loose Caboose to Thumper and Thumper down to Don Diego open. For those familiar with our mountain, you'll know this is our Opening Day route. It seems only fitting that we're closing the season skiing and snowboarding this exact route.

We will also open Paul's Folly and have a small park in the base area with two features, a rainbow rail and a small box.

Even though the route will touch on Sassafrass, let me emphasize that we will not have a top-to-bottom beginner route available this weekend.

But we will be open for New Mexico's final weekend, and we will be skiing and snowboarding - because that's what we love to do around here. We hope you enjoy it with us - it's on the house!