All Man-Made Parks Open

This morning, we opened Pedro's Park, our beginner terrain park, located on Bambi and just beyond Thumper. This park includes four features, a jump and a rainbow, and a jump with a box. Like with our big terrain park, Don Diego, we looked at last year's beginner park and adjusted last year's layout based on what we saw people using most. The most popular feature last season, by far, was the jump we created, so this year, instead of one jump, you get two. Pedro's Park is a little more advanced than last year, but it's still a solid beginner park - perfect to practice on before hitting Don Diego.

Speaking of, we've had a lot of really great feedback on the new Don Diego park, and I will tell you: it is one beautiful park. If you missed last weekend's King/Queen of the Hill Terrain Park compeition, you missed one of the best park comps we've ever had on our mountain. A very special thank you to NM(X) Sports and all of the workers at this event. Here's a short video featuring the Don Diego Park and even some of the skibike demos from the 2014 SkiBikeFun SkiBike Festival.

About a dozen of our instructors - including me and our general manager, Gary Forrest - have participated in the Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA) training over the last couple of days. During these 16 hours, the PSIA instructor (who hails from Aspen) is sharing his best practices with us on how we can be better instructors for our students. We recognize that many of our guests are on a budget and are skiing with us for a short period of time. We, as instructors, want to make sure that they are learning as much as they can so they can enjoy not only our hill this visit, but also terrain for future visits, wherever they ski or snowboard. Think of this as as instruction for instructors. It's an important piece of our resort, and one I am proud to be a part of.

Mountain manager John Paul (green jacket) and general manager Gary Forrest (brown jacket) participate in the PSIA clinic at Sipapu.

Yesterday, I skied the trees on No Caboose, and the snow was fantastic. While this wasn't powder skiing, I decided to go into the trees and think of them as moguls, and I had one of the best runs all winter. Because this run is so shaded by the trees, the snow has held up really well. This is one of those runs that doesn't get a lot of traffic, so if you're looking for a quiet, challenging run, give this one a try.

Speaking of powder skiing, here's an interesting fact: our driest January on record was in 2011 when we received 2" of snow for that entire month. Want to guess our 2nd-best (in terms of total snowfall) month *ever*? February 2011. That month, we picked up 56" of snow. It's looking like snow is expected beginning this Friday, January 31, and we could get back-to-back storms next week. We're hoping to beat 2011 this February.

In the meantime, just a quick reminder to please stay in control on the hill. We all love to let 'er rip on these fast groomers, but please watch your speed, especially in our slow zones.