Don Diego Now OPEN

At 1:00 this afternoon, we dropped the ropes on Don Diego: our Don Diego terrain park is now open.

Our largest park on the mountain has 14 features, including six jumps and eight rails/boxes. Up to seven features are placed in a row and could be linked on a single pass through the park. Our features include:

- 18-foot gap with a 10-foot torpedo
- 12-foot long box
- 16-foot gap with a 14-foot flat rail
- 35-foot gap with a 22-foot flat rail
- 20-foot long A-frame box
- 10-foot gap with an 8-foot flat rail
- 10-foot gap with a barrel tap
- 10 foot gap with a 6-foot mini-rainbow rail

We're very proud of this park - we were intentional about bringing back the most popular features from previous seasons while improving those that were underutilized in the past. We're excited to unveil it right before this weekend's King/Queen of the Mountain Terrain Park Comp - happening this Saturday! Cost is $30 and includes lift ticket, entry fee and lunch.

Part of the Don Diego Terrain Park. For more photos of features, please click here.

I also want to personally thank everyone who has sent us - and especially the Bolander family - their sympathies as we mourn Lloyd's loss. The family is planning a special day to celebrate his life, and we hope everyone can join us for that. We will announce that very soon.