Lower Gamble Open

We just opened Lower Gamble this morning - it had been closed for the last week or so for snowmaking. It's now back open and in great shape.

Lower Gamble - photographed January 16, 2014

We're also getting ready to build out our Don Diego terrain park. This takes our crew about four days to build, so we will be closing this run early next week to begin the work. When we're building parks, we take some time to analyze the previous year's park - which features did guests love most? Which ones were underutilized or not used properly? The contours on our mountain also make for some great "natural" features. We study those spots on the mountain that people love to jump and jib off of most and try and incorporate those elements into our terrain park. This year, we're planning over a dozen features including boxes, jumps and rails, and we're looking at shifting the layout a bit over last year.

The entrance to Don Diego

We're eager to have our park open in time for next Saturday's King and Queen of the Hill terrain park competition, sponsored by NMX Sports. For details on that, click here.

Speaking of events, we have a couple more coming up: the Black Diamond Telemark Festival is this Saturday, and there will be free clinics (including one where I take the immediate to advanced telemarkers on a mountain tour and show them the best places to tele on our hill), free demos and the free skin-up, ski-down race after the lifts close. Next Saturday, January 25, in addition to the King/Quen of the Hill comp, we'll also be hosting the SkiBikeFun 2014 SkiBike Festival! This festival includes free demos and clinics, plus there will be a special moonlight skibike parade on Saturday night, a meet-and-greet reception in the day room and another full day of skibike fun on Sunday.