Tree Skiing to Open. Briefly.

Tomorrow, December 31, we will open No Caboose, Worm and Upper Chopos from 9:00 until 10:00. I just skied it with Ski Patrol, and the coverage looks pretty good, so we're going to open these trails for just a little while to help solidify the snow (we want to ski in the run without skiing it off, which is why we'll only open it for 60-90 minutes). The access trail is not quite ready to open, so you'll be hiking in from Lift #4. Nearly the entire length of these three runs, top to bottom, will be fresh powder - anywhere from 18" to 25". Although there were no hits on skis today (I did tag one stump with my pole), please be aware that there will be unmarked obstacles, and I would encourage beginner skiers and snowboarders to sit this one out.

For the rest of you powderhounds, come get it. 9:00-10:00 sharp tomorrow!