All Lifts OPEN

Last week, we - and all of our guests - got a fantastic Christmas gift: the opening of Smart Chicken and Lift #4. It's good to have all of the lifts turning at Sipapu once again.

Everyone was in a festive mood when we opened Lift #4.

Smart Chicken

As of today, we now have nearly 100% of our mountain's groom-able terrain now open. We're now prepping for the next storm and sidestepping tree runs. We're focuising on No Caboose next and will look at Worm after that.

Nearly 100% of our groom-able terrain is now open!

Our snowmakers are officially done for this season. We'll continue to monitor hot spots on the mountain (areas that get a lot of traffic) and we might hit those spots with a bit of snow next month but, overall, our snowmakers are done and have transitioned into terrain park staff, groomers, and ski patrollers. Last week, one of our snowgun vendors visited the mountain, and I was able to ski a few runs with him. He pointed out that our manmade snow is actually a higher quality than most because most of the snow guns we use produce a smaller water molecule than other manufacturers. Ultimately, what this means is that we're able to create really good snow. What's more is that right now the sun is positioned very far south, which means a lot of our runs are in the shade. With the cooler temps and a lot of our snow shaded, the snow is not melting and holding up really, really well.

All that to say: the snow is great and the lift lines are non-existent at Sipapu! Come on up!