Cracking Mother Nature's Code

I just finished pushing out Don Diego, and I'm virtually speechless. I have never pushed out that much volume of that much quality snow on an entire run. Last night, I started pushing it, and the snow was so soft that I let it sit overnight. This morning, I just put the blade down and tilled it out. Honestly, it felt like the most amazing, natural snow.

There is a lot of snow on Don Diego!

It feels like we cracked the code for snowmaking on this run, and Mother Nature would have to approve. We made this snow about 10 days ago when the temperature was between -13 and 10 degrees. After that, we let it sit for a week and any moisture those mounds of snow got on top of it only helped cure it. The result: you'll be skiing and riding on this creamy, amazing snow. It's unbelievable.

And it's now open.

Open trails as of December 20, 2013. We're working hard to open Lift #4 next.