Lift #3 Opens

Today we will open Lift #3 and the surrounding trails (including Brandy, Candy, Flight School and The Playground). Flight School and Playground are where our organic terrain parks are located (Sipapu is the only ski area in New Mexico with organic parks. These parks are made entirely out of natural resources - including natural snow). We currently do not have quite enough snow to build out these parks, but we will open them as trail runs for now.

Highlighted trails indicate which routes are open as of today.

Snowmakers are down to their final snowmaking days of the winter. We'll be working on the Face of Gamble, Paul's Folly, West Point (this is the west-most bend of Sassafrass) and Smart Chicken before shutting down our operations until February Fun Fest (we always create a pile of snow for our huge snow castle - the castle opens the Saturday of President's Day Weekend and remains open until early March).

Screen shot 2013-12-18 at 11.18.24 AM
Our snowmakers will finish snowmaking in a few days. After that, they won't make snow until we create this snow castle in February.

We're looking forward to a fantastic holiday season! Snow is in the forecast this Saturday and Sunday - we can think of not better way to kick of our winter break!