Opening the New Carpet

Great news: Rufous and the second pitch of Gamble will be open later today. We'll be watching it closely to make sure these trails are getting skied in and not skied out - if you see the ropes up on this trail, know that we're doing it to preserve the snow. Our goal here is to keep this trail in the best condition possible all season long. We're excited to be opening this new terrain.

Tomorrow, we will run the new magic carpet periodially as we do our final testing. Our plan is to open the new carpet everyday starting Thursday, plus have lower Thumper and lower Bambi ready to go by Thanksgiving, too.

The plan is to do a massive gun move tonight, where we'll be really targeting the lower part of our mountain. We're next working hard to get that beginner route open.

It's been nice seeing everyone out here for Thanksgiving week. Thanks for joining us - know that we're working as hard and fast as we possibly can to open more terrain soon.