Top of Lift #1

Thanks to yesterday's snow storm (we picked up 7.5" on the mountain) and the residual frontal system, we were able to make snow on top of our mountain last night. Most nights, cold temperatures settle lower on our mountain and down in the valley, while remaining warmer up top. For this reason, it's often easier for us to make snow down low than it is to make it toward the top of our mountain. So, when we see these fronts move in like this, it keeps temperatures cold up top and we bring the guns as high as we can to get after it. It was a good night of snowmaking, and today we started making snow at 3 p.m. - our earliest start yet. Things are looking good, and we're still making snow tonight. Here are a few pictures from this morning:

Snowmaking above Lift #1

This morning's view from the ski patrol shack, just above Lift #1


Isa, Sipapu snowmaker and terrain park manager