Pushing Snow

Our guns were going again last night, and our theme for the upcoming days is Guns On The Move. We've been repositioning our guns in key spots to create more snow piles. The reason is this: imagine being on Thumper, before that slope is covered with snow. When we're making snow, we're hitting the coldest areas on that trail. Once the snow piles get big (we call large piles of snow "whales"), we move the guns to another cold spot on Thumper. The idea is that we'll create as many "dots" or piles of snow as we can so that when we take the snowcats out, we're pushing several moderate "whales" as opposed to just a few huge ones. This helps us make better snow and spend less time in the snowcat pushing it out. We've now got some nice piles in new spots, and we've recently started knocking down those piles in the cat. Things are looking really good, especially from the top of Thumper to the top of the practice slope.

The guns were working early on November 5.

When we are not making snow, we're devoting as many resources as we can to getting our carpet ready. We've got a straight line from top to bottom, and we're now bolting the feet of each section. The ground - thanks to the recent cold temperatures and the new snow - is frozen solid, which is perfect for our snowmakers and less-than-ideal for our lift installation team. Nevertheless, this project is moving along well.

It's been snowing since last night - we've got a few inches in the base area, more on top. Continue to keep an eye on this Forecast as we count down the days until we open. We'll keep you updated here.

Snow at Sipapu - taken November 5, 2013