New Snow, New Lift

Snowmaking operations are still on hold as we continue to wait for colder temperatures. This past weekend, the storm we were eyeing produced a little rain and not enough cold temperatures. This rain didn't affect our snow really at all - because of our commitment to making good, dry snow, the rain just drains out as we wait to resume snowmaking. We hope to turn the guns on again this week.

The piles of snow are pretty big right now - some as high as 5 feet tall.

While we wait to start making snow, I'm very pleased to report that we're working on another large project. We just received approval to replace Lift #2, Sipapu's Poma Lift on the practice slope. This lift was one of the oldest lifts not only in New Mexico but in the country. It reliably served as New Mexico's first lift to open and last to close for more than a decade and has been one of Sipapu's lifts since 1961.

We're now installing another magic carpet, the conveyor-style lift we currently have in our teaching area. When we installed this lift in 2010, it was so well received by kids, parents and instructors alike that we decided to replace Lift #2 with this one. We're excited to be adding the upgrade to the mountain and are working hard to have it ready by Opening Day.









 Photo left: what the carpet looked like when it arrived. Photo right: mountain crews working on the carpet installation.


What the carpet will look like once it's complete.