The Next Storm is Coming

After making snow for four consecutive nights, we shut off our snowmaking system on Saturday night, and our team of snowmakers got a couple of full nights of sleep. We're now keeping an eye on the weather as we are watching a storm front moving in later this week. We hope that it brings snow and - more importantly - cold temperatures. We knew that by firing up our system this early on in the season, we would see the more seasonal temperatures (as we're seeing right now - it's currently a crisp 56 degrees in our base area), and we intentionally made snow only on the coldest spots on the mountain. These "snow igloos" will preserve the snow for us until we're ready to push it out (which won't happen until much closer to Opening Day, which is scheduled for November 16).

I'm really proud of our snowmakers and this first week of snowmaking operations. As a matter of fact, we're now looking to do a large gun move in the upcolming days to hit new spots. We'll keep an eye on the weather (and you can look at what we're looking at by checking out our weather station here) and keep you updated.