Snowmaking Report: Day #2

Last night was another very nice night of snowmaking. We started at around 10:30 last night and shut the guns down around 8:45 this morning before our second shift crew headed home for some much-deserved sleep. After two nights of productive snowmaking, we're beginning to see some serious piles take shape - some as high as five feet tall. We're creating these piles in areas with the most shade (mostly to the skier's right). This year, our strategy is to group as many guns together (as opposed to stretching as many guns from top to bottom of our mountain) so we focus on the coldest spots. It is, after all, still mid-October, and our goal is to not only make but preserve as much snow as we can. We've discovered that this strategy has its challenges: we have to un-bury snowguns with every gun check! We're moving guns around a bit to help aleviate that.

Today's shut down was one of the most beautiful I've ever seen. The fall colors against the snow are spectacular. Much of the 6" of natural snow we got earlier this week is still sticking around.

The snow and the fall colors are amazing.

Tonight's low is projected to be around 18 degrees, so we'll be making snow again tonight.











Left: snow around Lift #4. Right: photo of our snow stake showing the 6" of new snow yesterday.