Guns to Mountain

Yesterday we moved our snowguns to the mountain. Earlier this week, we saw there was a good chance for snow for Tuesday night, so we decided to get our guns into position before the storm hit. We need trucks and four-wheel drive vehicles to transport our guns from the base area to our mountain trails, and when our slopes are covered with snow, it makes driving on them nearly impossible. We beat the storm by a few hours...

Guns in position on Loose Caboose - photographed 10/15/13.

Guns in position on Thumper - photographed 10/15/13.

Once the guns were on the mountain, we did one final task: we put the snow stake on the mountain. We position this in an area that consistently gives us good, solid measurements of natural snowfall. We knew that the storm could produce anywhere from 1-6" of snow, and we were ready to start updating our snow report.

Mother Nature did not disappoint.

We expected to see the biggest impact from 2 a.m. to 8 a.m., although it began snowing before 9 p.m. The storm - which was expected to blanket much of southern Colorado - pushed south, and we reaped the benefits.

The snow began on Tuesday night.

This morning, we woke up to this:

A snowy morning on October 16, 2013. Click here for more photos.

For the first time this season, we cleared the snow stake, and it read: 6". Like you, we are really excited to see the snow return to our mountain. A few powder hounds have even asked if we're bumping up our Opening Day (currently scheduled for November 16), and we would need a significant amount - we're talking feet, not inches - of snow to be able to open.

That being said, we're looking to start accumulating more snow with the aid of our snowguns. Our guns are in position, and our snowmakers will be on standby. If we can make snow with this natural snow on the ground, it will help temperatures stay cold, which will help us create quality snow. We're looking at a variety of elements: current temperatures, future temperatures, the wet bulb and more. Once we get the right window of opportunity, we'll start making snow. And once we start our snowmaking operations, we'll let you know here!

Let the countdown begin.