Snowcats X2

We just picked up two new snowcats - one was used for a snowmobile tour operation out of Fraiser, Colo., and a second came from the Breckenride Tubing Hill.

Snowcats are amazing machines - and they're typically on the hill when you don't see them. Most of our grooming happens late at night or early in the morning, and if a snowcat breaks, we're usually fixing it in the dark, in the snow, while our guests are sound asleep. Adding additional snowcats will help ensure that if one goes down, we can still get the job done without compromising our product and especially without you noticing. In addition to giving ourselves more grooming options, we're excited that we'll now be able to put more grooming hours into our terrain parks: our plan is to groom our main park every single night, and groom the other parks more frequently than we've done in the past.

Snowcats being transported from southern Colorado to Sipapu.

Like most of New Mexico, Sipapu got pounded with rain this week. We are always grateful for the precipitation, although it can certainly make our mountain work a little challenging at times. Nevertheless, the Rio Pueblo was raging (see below photos). We've actually seen it much higher - it's come as high as the banks and we've had to place sandbags around our lodge to keep it from flooding. The bridge you see here is a drawbridge, and we can raise it when the water goes that high. It hasn't happened in quite a while, but you never know. We're always hopeful that a nice, wet fall will translate into a nice, snowy winter.

Pictures of the Rio Pueblo this week after the area received quite a bit of rain.